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Living in Australia allows us to enjoy outdoor weddings.  A beautiful beach wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth. A beach wedding theme is easy to create and personalise. Here are some clever ideas to help bring your beach wedding theme to life.

1. Ditch the corsetted gown and go barefoot in a long, slinky sundress – add glamour with a jewelled headband or all-out chandelier drop earrings.

2. Go natural – it’s the only option for beach-wedding beauty. Bronzer, lip gloss and salt spray with no make-up artist fee required.

3. Consider the comfort of your guests – fill two big metal tubs with ice, one for cool welcome drinks and one for sunscreen. Keep the style consistent and use metal pails for holding flowers.

4. Stick to resilient blooms. Flowers can wilt in humidity and heat so choose orchids or hardy wildflowers.

5. “Think of your favourite things and use colour to control,” says event stylist Philip Carr. “Your theming can be quite childlike.”

6. Opt for parasols to indicate a gathering area, then give them as gifts. “Many beaches don’t allow chairs on the sand,” says Philip Carr. “This is a moment when parasols come into their own.”

7. Wear tribal accessories. Island tribal earrings, necklaces and bangles go hand in hand with the casualness of a beach wedding.

8. Make your day stiletto free – stay comfy and save by wearing sandals. This goes for the guys, too.

9. Travel for a destination wedding – some resorts offer a honeymoon when holding a wedding on the resort grounds. Free honeymoon and stunning beach setting.

10. Have a beach breakfast with fresh juices and you’ll save on purchasing too much alcohol – limit booze to a signature cocktail like a fruit daiquiri.


  • Is the reception at the beach?– This is an important question if you want a beach wedding cake. Some cakes will work better in an outside setting then others. I would never recommend butter cream icing on your tropical wedding cake if it is to be displayed outside, especially if it is on the beach. Butter cream is mostly butter and will melt. A fondant icing (the smooth finish) will hold up remarkably well in an outside scenario. It does not even need to be refrigerated if inside. Make sure you ask your baker to add a layer of butter cream under the fondant for flavour. Fondant as beautiful as it is, does not taste great, unless of course, your cake designer is making white chocolate fondant!
  • Decorations on your beach wedding cake – This is a great opportunity to personalize your beach theme cake. You can choose to mimic decorations on your cake from embellishments on your wedding gown or match colours on the cake to your colour scheme of the wedding. For the beach, this can be dramatic or subtle. The cake can be decorated with tropical sugar flowers that match your beach wedding bouquets. A good wedding cake designer can make the flowers look identical. Real seashells as an accent for a beach wedding cake are natural and are perfect for this theme. You can scatter them around the base of the cake and on the cake table for that added touch to accent your beach theme. You can also buy chocolate seashells in all colours.
  • Get creative with the shape of your beach wedding cakeIt can be round, square or the combination of the two. It could also look like a lighthouse, a sandcastle, a treasure chest, a boat, or even a large seashell. Only your imagination and limitations of your cake baker/designer will rule when it comes to beach wedding cakes!  Collect pictures of beach wedding cakes and take them with you on your visit to your cake baker. Ask to see pictures of wedding cakes they have done.
  • Flavors for your themed cake– Besides choosing decorations on the outside of your cake, choosing the flavour of your wedding cake is probably equally as important. Consider whether your cake will be the only dessert you are serving or whether you will just have a cake on display and then serve a dessert to each guest. You will want the flavour to be something every guest will enjoy.  How about a different flavour for each tier? Then you have choices for your guests. Have fun with your top tier which goes home with you. That should be your personal favourite.
  • Taste Test – An experienced wedding cake baker will provide a tasting for you. After you have seen his/her list of flavours, ask to taste three cake tastings with three different fillings. You should be able to make a decision from these selections. Flavours for your wedding cake on the beach can be exotic (passion fruit or kiwi) with mango butter cream and island coconut frosting or classic like French vanilla, marble or wedding white.
  • Save a Piece for Later – Ask your cake baker to have a small cake for your one-year anniversary as part of the package. Eating a piece of your original cake on your one year anniversary may seem romantic, but it can taste freezer burned, if it was not wrapped correctly. Ask your baker for his or her best proper freezing instructions.
  • Something Different – Consider having a “little something” on the tables in addition to the wedding cake. It can be chocolate dipped strawberries, seashell chocolates or get ambitious and bake your own seashell or tropical theme butter cookies.   You may have a family member who will volunteer to bake something that reflects your family’s traditions or ethnic background.
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